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​​Sifu Javier Fernandez, Born in Miami, FL. June 29, 1963    when very young child his family moved to Puerto Rico, and when he was 9 years old he started his first martial arts training under Sensei Carlos Lopez, his first Master in the art of  Shotokan  and  kyokushinkai, where he received his first black belt in the original  style of his teacher Grand Master Carlos Lopez "Semai-do Karate".,      Moving forward in their training and knowledge of martial arts, started in 1981 under Sifu Celso Davila at "Lee Jun Fan & Filipino Kali " Academy of Puerto Rico, training in "Jun Fan kung-fu",(well known as Bruce Lee style), learning Wing Chun, Kali/Arnis, Wrestling. American boxing, and Jun Fan Kick Boxing. It was here with Sifu Davila where his life  start turning completely, in how to view and mix all of this concepts about the different styles of martial arts,............. and then he continuing the journey.      He returned back to Miami in 1987 where he continued training under several other great Masters of the arts, continuing training years later, earned a black belt in Sanuces Ryu Ju-Jitsu, under Dr.Philep Chenique and Grand Master Arturo Morera, where he holds a second degree black belt, and forming parts of "Atemi Ryu Certified Tactical Instructors", in which still remains active and currently training. Special thanks to ATEME RIU  Ju-Jitsu for their help and knowledge.    Sifu Javier Fernandez  founder of  "JAF WING CHUN"  with over  41 years in  several  styles  of  martial arts,  has  been a  very  dedicated  student of Wing Chun Kung Fu since the 80's,  lately studying under   Grand Master Wan Kam Leung, Practical Wing Chun, and becoming the first Regional Wan Kam Leung Practical Wing Chun School in Miami FL. , He travels to their Training Facility in Hong Kong on a regular basis from his home town to be training with his Grand Master Wan Kam Leung.

Practical Wing Chun

​​Wan Kam Leung Practical Wing Chun Kung Fu

           The 1st Regional Wan Kam Leung Practical Wing Chun School in

                                                                                                                       Miami, Florida, USA        

GrandmasterWAN Kam Leungwas born in 1945 in Po On village in the Guangdong Province of Southern China. His interest in Martial Arts began at an early age and by his teens he experienced various traditional styles of Kung Fu in China. In 1959, Grandmaster Wan emigrated from China to Hong Kong. His older brother introduced him to a Kung Fu style called Wing Chun. Grandmaster Wan’s first teacher was YIP Man’s first disciple, LEUNG Sheung. In 1962, when the Wing Chun legend, late Grandmaster WONG Shun Leung, opened his own school, the young Grandmaster Wan signed up on the first day and quickly become a close friend of Wong Shun Leung. In 1969, Grandmaster Wan became an official Wing Chun instructor in his own right and began active teaching. 

     Since late Grandmaster Wong was a close friend and Wing Chun tutor of the great Bruce Lee, young Grandmaster Wan trained and exchanged martial arts knowledge with Bruce Lee when the actor returned to Hong Kong from America. The martial art talents became friends. At Bruce Lee’s request, Grandmaster Wan was invited to perform in a screen test with him, a few months before he passed away in 1973. Since then, Grandmaster Wan has been interviewed for several documentaries on Bruce Lee’s life.

        In 1979, in order to increase the practicality of his Wing Chun Kung Fu skills, Grandmaster Wan went to Beijing, China's capital where he learned different styles of Qi Gong (Hei Kung) from various masters. Since the Wing Chun forms were developed hundreds of years ago, many techniques have been misinterpreted and become obsolete. Under his teacher’s guidance and support, Grandmaster Wan continued to test, compare, and improved the techniques he learned. In 1988, Grandmaster Wan was awarded the “Senior Instructor Certificate” by Grandmaster Wong Shun Leung, he was the only Wong Shun Leung student achieved such rank. With his outstanding Wing Chun Kung Fu skills, Grandmaster Wan was invited by the Hong Kong Police Force as the Chief Wing Chun Instructor for the G4 (VIP Protection Unit) in 1993. He was the only Kung Fu master ever employed by the former British Hong Kong government.

 Since Grandmaster has modified the Wing Chun techniques he previously learned, it was necessary to give this modified Wing Chun system a name in order to separate his style from others. With Grandmaster Wong Shun Leung’s consent, Grandmaster Wan chose “Practical Wing Chun” in 1994 as the nameplate of the Wing Chun Kung Fu system he developed. After his teacher passed away in 1997, Grandmaster Wan established his own school and began teaching full time. His objective is to propagate Practical Wing Chun Kung Fu and emphasize that it is has been modified into a modern day practical combating art and the effective way to increase strength, self-confidence and all round positive health development. To continue the legacy of the late Grandmaster Wong, Grandmaster Wan encourages Practical Wing Chun practitioners to approach their training in the most positive and realistic way. We should always practice the techniques he developed, test and compare them, prove or disprove them. We may discard the obsolete techniques when necessary, refine or improve upon them. Therefore, Wan Kam Leung Practical Wing Chun Kung Fu is not only an art of self-defense, but also a product of continuous scientific analysis and development. 

Sifu Wan Kam Leung  was the earliest student of the late Sifu WONG Shun Leung and has been a senior instructor in Ving Tsun Athletic Association for years. Sifu WAN was the only Wing Chun Chief Instructor for the G4 (VIP Protection Unit) ever invited by the Royal Hong Kong Police Force.

Sifu Wan Kam Leung has precisely modified the Wing Chun system into a modern day practical combating art suitable for males and females of all ages. Wan Kam Leung Practical Wing Chun, the effective way to increase strength, self confidence and all round positive health development.